Our Technology


State of the art.

In keeping with our goal of staying at the forefront of race service technology, we have upgraded our grinding and edging capabilities by partnering with Montana and the Crystal Glide brand of machines. The new generation of machines delivers more precision, more consistency and better performance.


SaphirB for web Montana Saphir B

Designed specifically for race service, the Saphir B is an automated stonegrinder for both alpine and Nordic skis with race specific functions like CNC driven stone dressing, better quality grinding in the tip and tail, precise bevel control, depth control and pressure control. The bottom line for you is better performing, faster skis. We use this machine for flattening, blanking and applying a finish grind, and for setting initial base bevel.


Crystal SR right orientationMontana Crystal Race S/R

A manual stonegrinder for both alpine and Nordic skis. The Crystal Race S/R is specifically designed for race service. We use it for flattening skis that require extra work in specific areas and for other unique situations that require manual grinding.

ID7A9642Montana Race Edge

We are the first shop in North America to have this machine. The benefits of a machine sharpened side edge are winning over racers at all levels of alpine skiing because of its durability and extreme sharpness. The Race Edge leaves edges with a highly polished, uniform, burr-free side-edge finish that stands up to use better than a traditional hand file finish.

speedtronicWintersteiger Speedtronic Binding Tester

Precision Electronic binding tester.

pole benderPole Bender

For custom bending poles.


For sustained low temperature wax absorption to condition bases.